Buying a New Boat

Formula Fifteens are built by Formula Sailcraft in Williamstown Vic. New boats are supplied fully fitted out, ready to sail including sails by Irwin or can be supplied without sails giving the option for the owner to chose their own sailmaker.

There is also the option of purchasing a kit comprising bare hull/deck plus all the custom parts such as stainless steel mast base & bow fitting, aluminium transom frame & spin chute mouth bar, acetal bush set (for bowsprit & rudder pivot) moulded foils and rudder box. All other parts to complete the boat are readily available at chandlers.

Standard boats include:

Mostly Ronstan fittings.

Custom anodised aluminium transom frame, spinnaker chute mouth and boom.

Custom stainless steel mast step and chainplates. Custom carbon bow fitting.

Carbon fibre mast.

Carbon fibre bowsprit and spreader sets.

Moulded carbon/foam core centreboard and rudder blade.

Monocoque carbon/foam sandwich rudder box with alloy tiller.

Self tacking jib.

For more information contact:Formula Sailcraft