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Like the other classes we build, our Sabre dinghies are built to win races at any level, whether it be club racing or National Championships. The quality of finish is to our usual very high level.

Alan Riley sailing his FS Mk2 Sabre 'Maybe Not' 2094 recently won the 2019 Sabre Nationals in Brisbane finishing the regatta with a stunning 8 wins and 1 third place (Alan also won the Invitation race!)

In the 2018 Sabre Vic Championships, an FS Mk2 Sabre won three of the five heats and the regatta overall in a hot fleet of 70 boats...…. only to later get disqualified due to the boat (which he borrowed) had never been measured so hadn't been issued a measurement certificate. Fair enough, that's the rules, but a bummer none the less!

After finishing third in the 2016 Hobart Nationals, David Arnold sailing his Formula Sailcraft Mk2 Sabre won the 2016/17 SA State Championships. Forth and Fifth place overall in the Hobart Nationals were also FS Mk2 Sabres (Jim Scott, winner of two heats, and Murray Shaw)

High Tech Construction

Our Sabre hull and deck shells are vacuum infused using specially formulated, low shrink Vinylester resin which results in a true monocoque structure where all of the resin is drawn through the stacked glass/foam/reinforcement laminate in one mix. This is all performed in a temperature controlled environment which achieves a faster and more even cure than conventional vacuum bagging. The use of Vinylester resin achieves a tougher (less brittle) laminate structure and is compatible with conventional polyester gelcoats.

Formula Sailcraft have been building composite boats now for sixteen years and we have continually developed our methods to stay at the forefront of composites technology. We now vacuum infuse all of the boats we build, as well as our moulded foils.

Formula Sailcraft Mk2 hull/deck assembly

Our race model Mk2 Sabre Class Hull and deck assembly, comes in Nutech White with a grey two-pack floor non-slip finish

The hull/deck assembly comes with shroud plates and bow plate.

Our standard hull/deck assembly cost is $7550.00

Other colours are available from a wide range of gelcoat colours (at additional cost)

Substantial fit-out package discounts are available for all of the fittings/fastenings/rope needed to complete the boat.

We can also supply fully fitted Sabre Class Dinghys ready to rig and race.


FS Moulded Foils

Our Sabre Class foils are moulded from fibreglass/foam/balsa/Vinylester Sabre Class rudder blades and centreboards. We have been making moulded foils for other classes for many years now. Our Sabre Class moulded foils have the optimum foil shape and are strong as well as light in weight.


This season's moulded centreboards now incorporate a hardwood stringer to further reduce flexing.

These new fully moulded foils incorporate built in moulded grip handles and, like our other moulded foils, are tooled to a high standard.

Our moulded foils are tougher than handmade foils as they contain more solid material in the trailing edges and are finished in hard wearing, highly polished gelcoat which renders them less prone to chipping. The standard gelcoat colour is white but other colours are available by special order.


Pictured above, the new moulded Formula Sailcraft Sabre Class Rudder Blade.

Price for moulded Sabre Class centreboard - $745.00

Price for moulded Sabre Class rudder blade - $550.00

FS Rudder Box

We also make a Sabre Class rudder box which has a glass sheathed plywood stock finished in white polyurethane and is fitted with a black anodised alloy tiller and Ronstan black anodised alloy gudgeons. The gudgeons are attached with metal thread bolts tapped into specially in-built solid fibreglass 'nuts' in the plywood cheeks.These rudder boxes are strong and very low maintenance (no varnishing etc) They have a modern look and yet are still lighter than most timber Sabre Class rudder boxes.

Price for Sabre Class rudder box incl. gudgeons fitted - $670.00


All of these parts and other Sabre Class bits are also available on-line through

For more information email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it