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125 Class Dinghy Mk2

Formula Sailcraft manufacture high quality, light weight moulded fibreglass/foam sandwich 125s for top level racing.

A recent resurgence of the 125 class since early 2014 has seen five new Mk2s built for WA and two for Victoria.

Formula Sailcraft's 125s are from the moulds of 'Mk2 3168' which first won the 125 Nationals at Hervey Bay QLD in 2009, and then again at Henley SA in 2010. We call our current 125 model the 'FS-125-Mk2' and we have built many more since the original 'Mk2' such as 'Green Out' National champion 2011 (Esperance WA) and 'Blackbeard' National Champion 2012 (McCrae VIC) Other well known FS-125-Mk2's are Flashback, Kraken Up, Rage & Venomous in WA as well as Beyond Expectations, Strange Magic & Boarlistic in Vic.

Formula Sailcraft's FS-125-Mk2s have a very flat rocker line and moderate bottom panel round which produces a hull that gives good all-round performance.

A lot of time and care was spent fairing the original plug for the mould ensuring no humps or hollows. The hull is therefore lower drag and breaks loose onto the plane early. The fairness of the hull bottom also contributes to the FS-125-Mk2s ultimate speed in windy weather.

NOW AVAILABLE - FS Mk2 bare hull shells for home builder completion - see below

Pictured above, Nick Major and Bianca Scott in action at the 2009/10 Henley Nationals

Above, Mk2 also won the previous Nationals at Hervey Bay in QLD (2008/09) sailed by Jim Scott and Will Morris.

125 for Racing

Our Race spec 125s are built using Vinylester Resin and finished in tough FGI Aquaguard gelcoat. Hull and deck shells are manufactured in our modern boatbuilding facility using advanced vacuum infusion technology. Construction is supervised by Jim Scott, current active 125 sailor and three times 125 National Champion.

The 125 has a very low minimum weight of 50kg which requires care and experience to achieve. Formula Sailcraft moulded 125s are carefully constructed to be light, stiff and fast whilst also incorporating adequate strength in the important areas to achieve a long lasting, low maintenance boat.

Race spec FS-125-Mk2 bare hull/deck assembly in white or light grey hull, white or light grey deck, darker grey floor non-slip including bailer recesses and scupper cut-outs, ready for fit-out $8400.00 incl. GST

Other colours are available at additional cost.

Bare hull shells also now available!

We are now offering bare hull shells vacuum infused in Divinicell foam and Vinylester Resin from the FS 125 Mk2 mould, built to race weight.

Our bare hull shell includes 2 x bailer recesses to suit Riley RM179 bailers, centreboard case trunk only, marine ply reinforcing pads for bow fitting, chainplates & rudder gudgeons, and 'roll-over' gunwale. The standard hull shell is finished in tough Nutech White polyester gelcoat.

Home building a 125 using an FS Mk2 hull shell simplifies the construction process, reduces the build time and ensures you will have a competitive boat with better resale value.

The internals of your boat can be completed in either timber/plywood in the traditional method or using pre-glassed foam sandwich panels using either polyester, vinylester or epoxy resin.

Price for Bare Hull Shell in Nutech White gelcoat $3285.00

Other colours are available from either Nutech or FGI gelcoat color charts for an additional $80.00

Above, Strange Magic 3179 sailing at the Annual Sauna Sail Regatta on Hazelwood Pondage over the Labour Day weekend in June 2010. Strange Magic (Jim and Mossimo) finished first overall in their division. Strange Magic has a high quality Allen Brothers UK fitout which includes Allen's Dynamic Ball Bearing Blocks and ratchet blocks as well as spin pole ends & mast ring, stay adjusters, gooseneck, mast step, hatches, tiller extension, rudder gudgeons, cam cleats and Delta bailer.

Above left, a new 125 deck under construction at Formula Sailcraft.
Above Right, Stuart Johnson's FS-125-Mk2 Beyond Expectations during fit-out.

Moulded carbon/balsa centreboards

We now make carbon fibre 125 centreboards with a balsa core, laminated in tough vinylester resin and finished in hard wearing polyester gelcoat. These carbon/balsa boards are moulded to the same NACA shape as the hand shaped board in Mk2. The moulded boards are light, stiff and strong.

Rudder Boxes and Rudder Blades

Dagger rudders

We now build a dagger rudder set up which is a moulded carbon high aspect blade in a moulded carbon rudder box with carbon tube tiller, and includes 5/16" gudgeon pin.

Contact Formula Sailcraft for latest pricing.

Right, moulded carbon dagger rudder box with deep high aspect balsa/carbon blade (built very strong with lots of carbon) This set up is very light and strong, and beautifully balanced on the helm.