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Impulse Dinghy

Our highly successful FS Impulse Mk2

Formula Sailcraft build high quality, race winning Impulse Dinghys which have been proven fast on all points of sail and in all conditions.

Micheal Brown sailing his FSMk2 Impulse 'Browny's Toy' smashed the fleet at the 2012/13 Wangi National Champoinships winning the title easily with an impressive 9 firsts and 1 second place, in a fleet of 46 boats.

The formula Sailcraft Impulse incorporates the rolled over gunwale which is not only a neat and strong way to build a moulded boat but also makes it far easier to carry in and out of the water.

Standard boats are built to approx. 1kg under minimum weight in either white or light grey gelcoat. Other gelcoat colours are available for a small additional charge.

Above Left, Jim sailing Ross Setfords White Noise 589 at the Balnarring States in 2009.             
Above Right, Jim sailing Snap Descision 593 at Hazelwood Pondage in 2009.             

Above Perin Hardie's Suunto sailing at Docklands 2009

Above, Snap Decision's shiney bum.

Above, Grant Parrat's Roxy

Fully moulded hull/decks:

Formula Sailcraft moulded Impulse Dinghys are built using Vinylester Resin and finished in tough FGI Aquaguard gelcoat. Hull and deck shells are manufactured in our modern boatbuilding facility using advanced vacuum bagging technology.

Formula Sailcraft Impulses are carefully constructed to be light, stiff and fast whilst also incorporating adequate strength in the important areas to achieve a long lasting, low maintenance boat.

Prices for Impulse hull/deck assembly start from $8700.00 incl GST

Moulded carbon centreboards, rudder blades and rudder boxes:

We now produce moulded Impulse foils. The shape is a NACA section for low drag and high lift.

The moulded foils are made from carbon fibre laminated in vinylester resin with cores of PVC foam and end grain balsa. The surface finish is tough isophthalic polyester gelcoat in standard white with other colours available.

Price for moulded carbon centreboard (approx 2.6kg) in white is $875.00 incl GST.

Price for moulded carbon rudder blade (approx 1.0kg) in white is $590.00 incl GST.

Price for moulded full carbon rudder box with carbon tube tiller and integral gudgeons, including SS gudgeon pin and blade pivot bolt, stock clear finished, is $980.00 incl GST.